We are recruiting Ph.D. Students in Bioinformatics, Genetics or Molecular Biology!
Interested candidates should send their cover letter, CV and reference letters to tbenoukraf@mun.ca .

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Structural variant caller for low-depth Nanopore Sequencing in Patients’ samples


A transcription factor binding motifs database coupled with DNA methylation profiles


Characterization of transcription factors’ context-specific features and functions

Team Members

Touati Benoukraf, Ph.D. holds a Canada Research Chair in Bioinformatics for Personalized Medicine and an Assistant Professorship at the Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland. He is also visiting Assistant Professor at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, National University of Singapore.

Dr. Akinola A. Alafiatayo
Post-Doc (MUN)

Zia Hasan
Ph.D. Student (MUN)

Aida Ghayour-Khiavi
Master’s Student (MUN)

Matthew Dyer
Master’s Student (MUN)

Zahra Vafadoost
Master’s Student (MUN)

Chan Xiang
Master’s Student (MUN)

Zoha Rabie
Research Assistant (MUN)

Roberto Tirado-Magallanes
Ph.D. Student (CSI)

Tham Cheng Yong
Ph.D. Student (CSI)

Stephanie Sian
Senior Lab Executive (CSI)

Name Period Position Next Institution
Dr. Khadija Rebbani 2016-2020 Postdoc NIH, NCI at Frederick, USA
Lin Xiao Xuan 2016-2020 Ph.D. Student Genome Institute of Singapore
SwarnaSeetha Adusumalli 2016-2019 Ph.D. Student Duke-NUS
Syaza Hazwany Mohammad Azhar 2016-2017 Research Assistant National University of Singapore
Baptiste Mossotti 2016 Masters Student from UPMC, France University of Copenhagen
Ricky Lim 2014-2015 Research Assistant Rijk Zwaan (Netherlands)
Maxime Garcia 2013 Research Associate Karolinska Institute
Marie-Pierre Dreanic 2013 Masters Student from Polytech Nice-Sophia, France Sanofi (France)

Teaching – Fall 2019

Lecture title:


Module MED 6393

October 16th, 4 pm

Fall 2019

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Lecture title:


Module MED 6393

November 13th, 4 pm

Fall 2019

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Lecture title: DNA sequencing technologies

Module MED 6591

November 19th, 2 pm

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Impact de la méthylation de l’ADN sur la régulation transcriptionelle

Biologie computationelle des systèmes

10 Décembre á 14h

Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth

Teaching – Winter 2020

Omics in Neurosciences

Module MED 6197

March 24th, 2.30 pm

Winter 2020

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Introduction to Bioinformatics

Module CDM 5104

April 10th to 24th

Semester 2

National University of Singapore

Lab News

London Calling is a conference dedicated to scientific research using nanopore DNA/RNA sequencing. This year, we are presenting our work on AML structural variant characterization.

Congratulation to our latest graduated doctor! Lin Xiao Xuan defended his Ph.D thesis on April. 16th, 2020. He will join the Genome Institute of Singapore as post-doc. 

Congratulation to Matthew Dyer! He received a travel award from the Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB) to present his work at the third Applied Bioinformatics in Life Sciences Conference at Leuven in Belgium (13-14 Feb. 2020). 

Congratulation to our new Doctor! Swarnaseetha Adusumalli defended her Ph.D thesis on Sept. 29th, 2019. She joined Duke-NUS as post-doc. 

Quy presented TFregulomeR (short-talk and poster presention) at the International Conference on Genomes and AI: From Packing to Regulation (Nov. 2-4, 2019) at Shaw Foundation Alumni House, National University of Singapore.

International Collaborators

Discipline of Genetics, Faculty of Medicine
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Room# M5M317, Craig L. Dobbin Genetics Research Centre
St. John’s, NL, Canada, A1B 3V6

 +1 (709) 864-6671

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